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                                                   Mapping the New World




tms19-rotz.jpg (243102 bytes)

Facsimile of a map of South America from Jean Rotz, “The boke of Ydrography,” c. 1541 (UTA)


tms20-virginia-ms.jpg (459028 bytes)

Indian map of the area of Virginia   (Kraus 28)

tms21-peru-Denisot.jpg (955263 bytes)

Nicolas Denisot, Map of Peru, 1545  (Kraus 11)

tms22-herrera.jpg (1566360 bytes)

Antonio de Herrera, Map of the Pacific Ocean, 1600  (UTA)

tms23-Moll.jpg (1731706 bytes)

Herman Moll,  World map, c. 1700  (UTA)


tms24-PoncePeru.jpg (544105 bytes)

Pascal Ponce, SJ, Manuscript map of Peru and Brazil, 1761 (Kraus 25)

tms25-covens.jpg (804523 bytes)

Covens and Mortier, America,  c. 1770   (Kraus 10)

tms26-jefferys.jpg (337008 bytes)

Thomas Jefferys, A new map of the Province of Quebec from his American Atlas,  1775 (TMS)


Medieval foundations
The influence of Ptolemy
City plans
The composite atlases
Uniformly-composed collections of maps, charts and plans
Military mapping
Regional European Mapping
Mapping the new world
Nautical maps and charts
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