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Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences: Tests Available in Compilation Volumes.
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These pages are provided for information purposes only.
Due to US copyright laws and my professional position, I am, personally, unable to provide copies of these instruments.
To obtain any of these resources, you may:
1. Check the library closest to you to determine if it has the source volume;
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Full Instruments Available in:

      Bearden WO; Netemeyer RG; Mobley MF. (1993). Handbook of marketing scales: Multi item measures for marketing and consumer behavior research. Newbury Park, Calif: Sage Publ. [125 fulltext instruments]
UTA location & call number: Central Library HF 5415.3 .B323 1993 

Social Character [I-O Social Preference Scale. (1962).
Kassarjian WM.
Pg. 12-17

Interpersonal Orientation [CAD Scale]. (1967).
Cohen JB.
Pg. 17-19

Consumer Self-Actualization Test [CSAT]. (1975).
Brooker G.
Pg. 20-22

Self-Concepts, Person Concepts, and Product Concepts. (1981).
Malhotra NK.
Pg. 23-24

Need for Cognition [NFC]. (1982).
Cacioppo JT; Petty RE.
Pg. 25-27

Index to Measure "Hispanicness". (1985).
Valencia H.
Pg. 28-29

Maven Scale. (1987).
Feick LF; Price LL.
Pg. 30-31

Consumer Ethnocentrism [CETSCALE]. (1987).
Shimp TA; Sharma S.
Pg. 32-33

Sexual Identity Scale [SIS]. (1987).
Stern BA; Barak B; Gould SJ.
Pg. 34-35

Diagnostic Tool for Classifying Compulsive Consumers. (1989).
Faber RJ; O'Guinn TC.
Pg. 36-37

Country-of-Origin Scale. (1991).
Pisharodi RM; Parameswaran R.
Pg. 38-39

Opinion Leadership. (1970,1986).
King CW; Summers JO; Childers.
Pg. 40-43

Opinion Leadership and Information Seeking. (1971).
Reynolds FR; Darden WR.
Pg. 44-

Self-Monitoring Scale. (1974).
Snyder M.
Pg. 45-47

Revised Self-Monitoring Scale. (1984).
Lennox RD; Wolfe RN.

Innovativeness (Openness of Information Processing). (1975, 1988).
Leavitt C; Walton JR.
Pg. 50-53

Innovativeness Factors. (1975).
Craig CS; Ginter JL.
Pg. 50-53

Use Innovativeness. (1983).
Price LL; Ridgeway NM.
Pg. 54-56

Cognitive and Sensory Innovativeness. (1990).
Venkatraman MP; Price LL.
Pg. 57-58

Domain Specific Innovativeness [DSI]. (1991).
Goldsmith RE; Hofacker C.
Pg. 59-60

Consumer Discontent Scale. (1976).
Lundstrom WJ; Lamont LM.
Pg. 61-64

Consumer Alienation From the Marketplace. (1974).
Pruden HF; Shuptrine; K; Longman DS.
Pg. 65-66

Consumer Alienation From the Marketplace. (1978).
Allison NK.
Pg. 67-69

Assertiveness, Aggressiveness, and Complaining Behavior. (1979).
Fornell C; Westbrook RA.
Pg. 70-71

Consumer Assertiveness and Aggressiveness. (1983).
Richins ML.
Pg. 72-74

Consumer Susceptibility to Reference Group Influence. (1977).
Park CW; Lessig VP.
Pg. 75-77

Consumer Susceptibility to Interpersonal Influence. (1989).
Bearden WO; Netemeyer RG; Teel JE.
Pg. 78-80

Rokeach Value Survey [RVS]. (1968, 1973).
Rokeach M.
Pg. 83-88

Values and Lifestyle Typology [VALS]. (1983).
Mitchell A.
Pg. 89-94

List of Values [LOV]. (1983).
Kahle LR.
Pg. 95-98

Socially Responsible Consumption Behavior [SRCB]. (1979, 1984).
Antil JA; Bennett PD.
Pg. 100-102

Voluntary Simplicity Scale [VSS]. (1981).
Leonard-Barton D.
Pg. 103-107

Subjective Leisure Scales [SLS]. (1983).
Unger L; Kernan JB.
Pg. 108-110

Motivational Tendencies of Drinking-Driving [MTDD]. (1987).
Lastovicka JL; Murray JP Jr; Joachimstahler EA; Bhalla G; Scheurich J.
Pg. 111-112

Value Consciousness and Coupon Proneness [VC and CP]. (1990).
Lichtenstein DR; Netemeyer RG; Burton S.
Pg. 113-114

Measure of Materialistic Attitudes [MMA]. (1978).
Moschis GP; Churchill GA Jr.
Pg. 115-116

Materialism-Post Materialism Scale. (1981).
Inglehart R.
Pg. 116-117

Belief in Material Growth Scale [BIMG. (1984).
Taschian A; Slama ME; Taschian R.
Pg. 118-119

Belk's Materialism Scales. (1984, 1985).
Belk RW.
Pg. 120-122

Richins' Materialism Measure. (1987).
Richins ML.
Pg. 123-124

Possession Satisfaction Index [PSI]. (1990).
Scott C; Lundstrom WJ.
Pg. 125-126

Material Values. (1992).
Richins ML; Dawson S.
Pg. 127-129

Fashion Involvement Index [FII] and the Fashion Involvement Factor [FIF]. (1976).
Tigert DJ; Ring RL; King CW.
Pg. 133-135

Involvement With a Product Class - Automobiles [IPCA]. (1981).
Bloch PH.
Pg. 136-138

Components of Involvement [CP]. (1979).
Lastovicka JL; Gardner DM.
Pg. 139-140

General Scale to Measure Involvement With Products [GSMI]. (1984).
Traylor MB; Joseph WB.
Pg. 141-142

Consumer Involvement Profiles [CIP]. (1985; 1990).
Laurent G; Kapferer JN; Jain K; Srinivasan N.
Pg. 143-146

Personal Involvement Inventory [PII]. (1985).
Zaichkowsky JL.
Pg. 147-149

RPII and OPII. (1986).
McQuarrie EF; Munson JM.
Pg. 150-151

Enduring Involvement Scale [EIS]. (1988).
Higie RA; Feick LF.
Pg. 152-153

PII (Personal II ) for Advertising [PIIA]. (1990).
Zaichkowsky JL.
Pg. 154-155

Revised RPII [RRPII]. (1991).
McQuarrie EF; Munson JM.
Pg. 156-157

Enduring Involvement Index. (1986).
Bloch PH; Sherrell DL; Ridgeway NM.
Pg. 158-159

Foote, Cone and Belding Involvement Subscale [FCBI]. (1987, 1986).
Ratchford BT; Vaughn R.
Pg. 160-161

New Involvement Inventory [NIP]. (1990).
Jain K; Srinivasan N.
Pg. 162-163

Purchasing Involvement [PI]. (1985).
Slama MK; Tashchian A.
Pg. 164-165

Purchase Decision Involvement [PDI]. (1989).
Mittal B.
Pg. 166-167

Arousal Seeking Tendency [AST]. (1974).
Mehrabian A; Russell J.
Pg. 168-171

Form V Sensation Seeking Scale [SS]. (1979).
Zuckerman M.
Pg. 172-176

Exploratory Tendencies in Consumer Behavior Scales [ETCBS]. (1980).
Raju PS.
Pg. 177-179

Dimensions of Emotions [PAD]. (1974).
Mehrabian A; Russell J.
Pg. 180-182

Consumer Image of Retail Stores [CIRS]. (1977).
Dickson J; Albaum G.
Pg. 183-184

Role Overload of the Wife. (1982).
Reilly MD.
Pg. 185-186

Mood Short Form [MSF]. (1983).
Peterson RA; Sauber M.
Pg. 187-188

Spousal Conflict Arousal Scale [SCAS]. (1984).
Seymour D; Lessne G.
Pg. 189-191

Attention to Social Comparison Information [ATSCI]. (1984).
Lennox RD; Wolfe RN.
Pg. 192-193

Style of Processing Scale [SOP]. (1985).
Childers TL; Houston MJ; Heckler S.
Pg. 194-195

Polychronic Attitude Index [PAI]. (1991).
Kaufman CF; Lane PM; Lindquist JD.
Pg. 196-

Emotional Quotient Scale [EQ] and Reaction Profile. (1964).
Wells WD.
Pg. 199-201

Leavitt's Reaction Profile. (1970).
Leavitt C.
Pg. 202-204

Viewer Response Profile [VRP]. (1979).
Schlinger MJ.
Pg. 205-207

Relevance, Confusion, and Entertainment. (1983).
Lastovicka JL.
Pg. 208-209

Informational and Transformational Ad Content. (1984).
Puto CP; Wells WD.
Pg. 210-212

Feelings Toward Ads. (1987).
Edell JA; Burke MC.
Pg. 213-215

Standardized Emotional Profile [SEP]. (1987).
Holbrook MB; Batra R.
Pg. 216-218

VASE Scales (Sexual Embeds in Advertising). (1991).
Widing RE II; Hoverstad R; Coulter R; Brown G.
Pg. 219-220

TV Advertising Believability Scale. (1982).
Beltramini RF.
Pg. 221-222

Expertise, Trustworthiness, and Attractiveness of Celebrity Endorsers. (1990).
Ohanian R.
Pg. 223-224

Children's Attitudes Toward TV Commercials. (1977).
Rossiter JR.
Pg. 225-227

Preschool Nonverbal (Brand) Attitude Scale [PAS]. (1990).
Macklin MC; Machleit KA.
Pg. 228-229

Social Responsibility Scale for Marketing Personnel. (1972).
Peters WH.
Pg. 231-233

Public Attitudes Regarding Welfare Programs (Acceptance of Welfare Scale). (1979).
Ahmed SA; Jackson DN.
Pg. 234-236

Attitudes of Consumers and Business People Toward Consumerism. (1982).
Klein GD.
Pg. 237-239

Attitudes Toward the Social Role of Corporations. (1982).
Williams PF.
Pg. 240-241

Consumer Satisfaction With Social Services. (1984).
Reid PN; Gundlach JH.
Pg. 242-244

index of Consumer Sentiment Toward Marketing. (1986).
Gaski JF; Etzel MJ.
Pg. 245-246

Service Quality [SERVQUAL]. (1986, 1988).
Parasuraman A; Zeithaml V; Berry LL.
Pg. 247-250

Scale to Measure Ethical Behavior in Research Organizations. (1988).
Ferrell OC; Skinner SJ.
Pg. 251-252

Corporate Ethics Scale [CEP]. (1989).
Hunt SD; Wood VR; Chonko LB.
Pg. 253-254

Scale for Improving Evaluations of Business Ethics. (1990).
Reidenbach RE; Robin DP.
Pg. 255-256

Management Conservatism. (1985).
Sturdivant FD; Ginter JL; Sawyer AG.
Pg. 257-259

Scale to Measure Excellence in Business [EXCEL]. (1990).
Sharma S; Netemeyer RG; Mahajan V.
Pg. 260-261

Market Orientation. (1990).
Narver JC; Slater SF.
Pg. 262-264

Industrial Salesperson Job Satisfaction [INDSALES]. (1974).
Churchill G; Ford NM; Walker OC.
Pg. 266-271

Job Characteristic Inventory [JCI]. (1979).
Sims HP Jr; Szilagyi AD; Keller RT.
Pg. 272-274

Job Satisfaction. (1986).
Wood VR; Chonko LB; Hunt S.
Pg. 275-276

Job in General Scale [JIG]. (1989).
Ironson GH; Smith PC; Brannick MT; Gibson WM; Paul KB..
Pg. 277-278

Role Conflict and Ambiguity. (1970).
Rizzo JR; House RJ; Lirtzman SI.
Pg. 283-285

Role Conflict and Ambiguity Scales for Industrial Salespeople. (1975).
Ford NM; Walker OC Jr; Churchill GA Jr.
Pg. 286-290

Role Conflict and Ambiguity Scales for Salespeople. (1986).
Chonko LB; Howell RD; Bellenger D.
Pg. 291-294

Multifaceted, Multidimensional Role Ambiguity [MULTIRAM]. (1991).
Singh J; Rhoads GK.
Pg. 295-298

Job Induced Tension. (1972).
House RJ; Rizzo JR.
Pg. 299-300

Sales Performance Scale. (1982).
Behrman D; Perreault WD Jr.
Pg. 301-302

Retail Salesperson Performance. (1990).
Bush RP; Bush AJ; Ortinau DJ; Hair JF.
Pg. 303-304

Perceived Leadership Behavior Scales. (1974).
House RJ; Dessler G.
Pg. 305-307

Leadership Role Clarity and Consideration. (1978).
Schriesheim CA.
Pg. 308-309

Organizational Commitment [OCQ]. (1979).
Mowday RT; Steers RM; Porter LW.
Pg. 310-312

Organizational Commitment. (1985).
Hunt SD; Chonko LB; Wood VR.
Pg. 313-314

Customer Orientation of Salespeople [SOCO. (1982).
Saxe R; Weitz BA.
Pg. 315-317

Salesperson Adaptive Selling [ADAPTS]. (1990).
Spiro RL; Weitz BA.
Pg. 318-319

Social Power Scales. (1979).
Swasy JL.
Pg. 320-322

Dependence Based Measure of Interfirm Power in Channels. (1983).
Frazier GL.
Pg. 323-324

Channel Leadership Behavior. (1983).
Schul PL; Pride WH; Little TL.
Pg. 325-326

Channel Member Satisfaction [SATIND and SATDIR]. (1984).
Ruckert RW; Churchill GA Jr.
Pg. 327-330

Holzbach's Attributed Power Index [AP]I. (1984).
Comer JM.
Pg. 331-333

Power Sources in a Marketing Channel. (1985).
Gaski JF; Nevin J.
Pg. 334-337

Buyclass Framework Scales. (1987).
Anderson E; Chu W; Weitz BA.
Pg. 338-340

Distributor, Manufacturer, and Customer Market Power. (1988).
Butaney G; Wortzel LH.
Pg. 341-343

Multiple Influences in Buying Centers. (1988).
Kohli AK; Zaltman G.
Pg. 344-345

Power and Influence in Group Settings. (1989).
Kohli AK.
Pg. 346-349


The Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences pages are provided for information purposes only.
Due to US copyright laws and my professional position, I am, personally, unable to provide copies of these instruments.
To obtain any of these resources, you can:
1. Check the library closest to you to determine if it has the source volume;
2. Contact YOUR library Interlibrary Loan department or other services available at your institution
Review "Obtaining for academic purposes." when using these materials in research.

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