Scholarly Communication Division

The Scholarly Communication Program provides leadership and guidance to the library and the wider community on issues related to creating, sharing, using and preserving scholarship. The program provides services, resources, and information to UT Arlington faculty, staff, and students to help them navigate the changing landscape of scholarship.

The program

  1. Provides consultation in issues related to publication, such as author agreements and rights management, book contracts, copyrights and public access mandates,
  2. Supports models of knowledge dissemination which reduce barriers to access,
  3. Clarifies questions surrounding open access and open data,
  4. Recruits researchers to deposit their scholarly output in ResearchCommons, and
  5. Partners with researchers in all stages of the research and knowledge creation processes.

The program, headed by the Director of Scholarly Communication, supports in new forms of scholarship enabled by computing and digital technologies and works with liaisons to assist researchers using these tools to enhance their work.