Collection Descriptions

We hold several physical collections at UTA Libraries, from UTA Archives to federal government publications. You may also be interested in our digital collections.

a collection of a variety of federal documents and the federal documents logo

Federal Government Publications

UTA is a member of the Federal Depository Library Program, which provides free, ready, and permanent access to federal government information, both electronic and physical. Publications include U.S. Census and demographic info, statistical data, and documents pertaining to politics, law, and…

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U.S. Mexico War correspondence

Historical Manuscripts Collections

These collections focus primarily on 19th and 20th century Texas and Mexican history and the U.S. War with Mexico. They are primarily personal papers, family collections, and organizational records. The North Texas area is a special emphasis as well as counties once part of the Robertson Colony…

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Muenster, Tabula Novarum Insularum map

Maps & Atlases Collection

This collection contains a wide variety of folded and sheet maps as well as bound atlases. Types include topographic, geographic, political, commercial, historical, and thematic, as well as information related to topics such as natural resources, war, culture, language, demographics, and more.…

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Dallas Morning News microfilm

Microform Collections

Microfilm and microfiche are in the basement of the Central Library. Collections include county records for specific Texas counties, back runs of periodicals, newspapers, U.S. government publications, and corporate annual reports. We also have a significant collection of microfilm/fiche in…

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person using a microfilm machine

Microform Special Collections

Microfilm and microfiche in Special Collections include historical records for Texas cities and counties, historical Texas labor organizations’ newspapers and journals, and municipal, ecclesiastical, notary, and civil records spanning nearly four centuries of the history of Yucatan and Honduras…

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hands holding leaves of many colors

Multicultural Collection

This collection contains material about African, Asian, Hispanic, and Native Americans in the Southwest, specifically Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Works include contributions to the culture of each group and emphasis on their contemporary issues.

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hand in white glove holding black and white negatives

Photographs and Graphics

Notable image collections are the photo archives of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and of commercial photographers W.D. Smith, Jack White, Squire Haskins, and Basil Clemons. The collections of J.W. Dunlop and the Arlington Citizen-Journal focus on Arlington history.

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student looking at a book in the popular reading collection

Popular Reading Collection

The Popular Reading Collection consists of recently published bestsellers in fiction and non-fiction. Many titles appear on the New York Times Bestsellers List. New titles are added each month. The loan period for these items is limited to three weeks. 

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student looking at a book in the Reading Resources section

Reading Resources Collection

Reading Resources gathers materials to support teacher preparation curricula and children’s and young adult literature courses. Fiction and nonfiction books written for children and young adults along with representative samples of K-12 textbooks currently approved for use in Texas schools are…

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U.S. 1818 Cavalry sabre and sheath

Stamatios Gus Alexander, Sr. Sword Collection (Dept. of Military Science)

Stamatios Gus Alexander, Sr. was a graduate of The North Texas Agricultural College (now UTA) and was commissioned in the Army Air Corps where he commanded the sister squadron to actor Jimmy Stewart. In 1983, he donated 13 U.S. military swords and sabers from the 19th and early 20th centuries to…

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United Livestock Handlers preparing for a packinghouse strike in 1946

Texas Labor Archives

The Texas Labor Archives contain material from hundreds of union locals and labor councils, statewide labor organizations, union political groups, district and regional offices of international unions, and legal firms specializing in labor law, as well as the personal papers of union officials…

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Collage of portraits from Tejano Voices website

Texas Political History Collection

These collections concentrate on political officials from North and Central Texas. They include papers of Texas office holders, a series of interviews by Dr. Allan Saxe with prominent Arlington politicians, and interviews conducted by Dr. José Gutiérrez focusing on Mexican-American leaders in…

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1919 photo of Grubbs Vocational College students working at typewriters

University Archives

As part of Special Collections, the University Archives strives to preserve those documents of historical significance that reflect the University’s origins and development, in addition to the achievements of its officers, faculty, staff , students, and alumni. These materials shed light on…

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upclose image of Map of Mexico in Special Collections

Virginia Garrett Cartographic History Library

The Virginia Garrett Cartographic History Library, established in 1978, includes thousands of maps and atlases, dating from 1493 to the present, making UTA second only to the Library of Congress in the extent and quality of its maps relating to Texas, the Gulf Coast, and the Caribbean.

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