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Be an Anywhere Researcher

Using your UT Arlington NetID, you can log in to the Library's databases from any computer connected to the internet. The Library's powerful and extensive databases hold much of the latest research and information for your area of interest. Many databases, such as LexisNexis, are updated daily, and you and your students may access online the full text of key academic articles, electronic books, digital dissertations, and newspapers through the Library's site. For a list of the databases available to you link to Library Databases A-Z. This electronic access allows you to work from home, or from Paris, TX, or Paris, France.

Classroom Instruction about Library Resources and Services

Librarians are available to visit your classroom and speak with your students about Library services, database searching, interlibrary loan, and other related matters. John Dillard ( dillard@uta.edu) is one of the UT Arlington Library's Social Sciences Librarians. He is eager to help with social work or social science classes. If you teach in other fields then you might want to contact another librarian, Mary Jo Lyons ( mjhandke@uta.edu) to schedule an instruction session.

Course Reserves

Faculty often want to put articles, books, or book chapters "On Reserve" for the students to read. At UT Arlington the reserves materials can be found at the Central Library Circulation Desk and at the circulation desks of the Architecture & Fine Arts Library and the Science & Engineering Library. Materials placed on E-Reserve can be accessed online. Faculty often put high demand materials that supplement their classroom instruction, manual, and test study guides "On Reserve." Follow this link to information for UT Arlington faculty about Placing Materials on Reserve.

Faculty Resource Delivery Service

The UT Arlington Library brings up-to-the-moment information right to your desktop with its impressive collection of ejournals and ebooks. However, if the item that you need is only available in paper and if it is held by the UT Arlington Library, then the library staff will also retrieve these paper books, bound or current paper periodicals, and media owned by the UT Arlington Library and deliver them right to your campus mailbox. To use this valuable service, register with the UT Arlington Interlibrary Loan Online system, and click on the "Faculty Resource Delivery Request" button. This personalized service is for faculty only, and here is a link to more information about the Faculty Resource Delivery Service. This service can save you many trips to the UT Arlington Central Library.

Geographic Information Systems

A UT Arlington GIS Librarian is available to visit your class and speak with you and your students about the value of Geographic Information Systems. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are computer systems that aid in the management and analysis of geographically referenced data. GIS allows the user to link location or spatial data with tabular data in order to see relationships and patterns. If you have a map, tabular data, a computer, a GIS software program and a question, you can utilize GIS to answer your question. Joshua D. Been ( been@uta.edu) is the UT Arlington Library's Geographic Information Systems Librarian. He is eager to help with your research needs.

Interlibrary Loan Service

Even with a great electronic collection and a strong paper collection, the UT Arlington Library does not hold every item that you are likely to want. When you need a research resource that is not held by the UT Arlington Library in either paper or electronic format, then the Interlibrary Loan Service will borrow or acquire a copy of the needed item for you. Here is a link to more information about the About Interlibrary Loan Online. The Interlibrary Loan acquires research resources needed by our faculty and students from other libraries.

Library Hours

The UT Arlington Central Library is usually open 142 hours a week. Usually, the Central Library opens on Sunday at 9am and does not close till the following Friday at 8pm. On Saturday the Central Library's regular hours are 9am till 8pm. Students and Faculty in the Central Library after midnight must have their own valid UT Arlington Mav Express ID card. Here is a link to more information about the UT Arlington Library Locations & Hours. Other UT Arlington Library units, such as the Social work Electronic Library and the Architecture and Fine Arts Library, keep shorter hours than the Central Library; check the hours online to avoid disappointment.

Plagiarism & Copyright Tutorials

The UT Arlington Library has developed a tutorial to teach students how to quote material and acknowledge sources. This, Plagiarism Tutorial, is freely available and includes a quiz with an email option to confirm that the students completed the tutorial. At a more general level, the UT System, under the direction of Georgia K. Harper, the Scholarly Communications Advisor for the University of Texas at Austin, has developed a Copyright Crash Course, tutorial which provides guidance to UT System faculty, students and staff concerning a wide range of copyright issues.

Suggest a Purchase

Both Faculty and Librarians want to see the latest and best books in the Library. If you see a great new book that is not held by the UT Arlington Library, then please suggest it. Follow this link to the Book Request Form. Books are usually one-time purchases, while journal subscriptions usually involve a much larger and longer financial commitment. For journals that you need, speak to the faculty member in your Department who deals with the Library about any journal that you need that the UT Arlington Library fails to provide.

• Acknowledgement • Much of the text for this guide comes from a Library handout called, "Faculty: Services for You" and Josh Been's GIS Page.

John Dillard, MA, MS - - dillard@uta.edu
Social Work and Social Sciences Librarian

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