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LexisNexis Academic provides full-text access to nearly 6,000 national and international titles in news, business, legal, medical and reference information. Coverage includes national newspapers, international newspapers, non-English language sources, U.S. Federal and state case and statute law, international legal materials, legal news and law reviews, congressional reports, CIS Legislative Histories (1970-present), the Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Register, Congressional committee rosters, schedules for committees and subcommittees, Shepard’s Citations for all U.S. Supreme Court cases back to 1789, and SEC filings. Wire service information is updated hourly.

LexisNexis Academic is available to current UT Arlington faculty and students at this web addresses:



The truncation symbol in LexisNexis Academic is an exclamation point (!), and when this symbol is put at the end of a word, the database will be searched for all of the possible endings--suffixes--for that word. For example, the command child! will search for the words: child, childs, children, childhood, and childish. This will work in the "Guided News Search" section not in the "Quick News Search" section.

In the "Guided News Search" two key Boolean operators that are important in finding information are AND and OR. The AND is used to connect two different concepts and the OR is used between concepts that are similar or synonymous. It is critical to put parentheses around a search expression that contains an OR. Here is an example:

(child! or adoles!) and (policy or policies)

The first part of this statement will find material about children or childhood or adolescents or adolescence. The second part will look for the words "policy" or "policies". The AND then links the first set with the second. This should be an effective way to look for polices dealing with youth issues.

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