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The UT Arlington Libraries Online Scholarly Research and Writing groups seek to help academic researchers with their writing and researching needs. This online effort of the UT Arlington Libraries seeks to complement and support the ongoing work of the UT Arlington Division of Faculty Affairs (DFA) and the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence.

Online Scholarly Writing groups or communities such as this one can enhance academic research culture. An Online Scholarly Writing group might help the individual researcher with just-in-time advice about the scholarly writing process including (but not limited to): aid with critiquing drafts, informal peer reviewing, and help with choosing a publishing outlet. Any kind of scholarly writing community, in-person or online, can support researchers and writers in every stage of scholarship. The advantage an online scholarly writing group has over an in-person group is that the response to a question or a reply to a need might be quicker, more efficient, and likely more convenient.

Until this online Scholarly Research and Writing Community building project becomes more firmly established, please contact me directly via email about taking part in this free, local, and facilitated academic research and writing online group. My email is: dillard@uta.edu.

Below are some links to articles and essays about writing.

The Better Angels of Our Writing: Good copy editors can save us from ourselves.
"My experience of receiving editing, both substantively and line by line, is that it's like love."
Rachel Toor, from the The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 20, 2015
Publishing Top Tips.
"...we seek to encourage early career researchers not only to develop their writing skills, but also to learn about the formalities of publishing...."
Paul Benneworth & Beatrix Haselsberger, et al., from Regional Insights, June 2012
The Secret Shame of the Scholarly Writer.
" ... for generations we have wrapped academic writing in mystery and shamed those who struggle with it. So when our writing isn't happening, we are afraid to ask for help."
Joli Jensen, from the ChronicleVitae.com, April 11, 2014
The Semester Is Over! It's Time to Write!
"But before you put pen to paper, make sure you have a realistic plan of attack."
Joli Jensen, from the ChronicleVitae.com, May 22, 2015
Surviving the Post-Dissertation Slump.
"... those of us who finish are often surprised to find that the crisis occurs more acutely after we have been hooded."
Elizabeth Rodwell, from the ChronicleVitae.com, June 25, 2015
Unstuck: From Stalled to Submitted.
This site strives to help "overcome the two elephant-sized roadblocks to your writing success -- procrastination and isolation."
Karen Kelsky, © 2015 - The Professor Is In
Why Academics Stink at Writing--and How to Fix It.
"Steven Pinker's provocative essay on why scholarly prose tends to be so convoluted."
Steven Pinker, from The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 1, 2014
The Writer Who Taught.
"Remembering William Zinsser."
John S. Rosenberg, from The American Scholar, MAY 12, 2015

The social media platform that I think will work best for this free, local, and facilitated UT Arlington Libraries' Scholarly Research and Writing Community might be Academia.edu. In due course, papers will be uploaded to this site to support the work of this community building project.

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