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Business Source Complete, provides more than 1100 full text peer-reviewed journals. This database offers information in nearly every area of business including management, human resources, economics, finance, accounting, and international business. Many with PDF article files that require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the articles.

Business Source Complete is available to current UT Arlington faculty and students at this webaddress:



A truncation symbol in Business Source Complete is an asterisk (*), and when this symbol is put at the end of a word, the database will be searched for all of the possible endings--suffixes--for that word. For example, the command "supervis*" will have the computer search engine look for all possible endings of this word. It should find, "supervision," "supervisory," and "supervisor."

Two Boolean operators that are important in finding information are AND and OR. The AND is used to connect two different concepts and the OR is used between concepts that are synonymous. It is critical to put parentheses around a search expression that contains an OR. Here is an example:

(human resource*) AND (sex* harass* OR hostile work* enviroment)

The first part of this statement will find material about human resources issues. The second part will look for the phrases "sexual harassment" or "hostile work enviroment" or "hostile working enviroment". The AND then links the first set with the second. This should be an effective way to look for employer responses to sexual harassment in the workplace.

John Dillard, Social Work & Social Sciences Librarian

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