UTA Libraries Welcomes New and Returning Students for Spring 2020 Semester

by Library News
January 24 2020

Staff at UTA Libraries welcomed students back to campus this week with informational booths and smiling faces.

The Spring 2020 semester at the University of Texas at Arlington officially began on January 21. Students both new and returning found themselves in Central Library throughout the week, whether for a fresh bagel from Einstein’s or for a moment of reprieve on one of the Libraries’ quiet floors. Spaces like the FabLab, dataCAVE, and The Basement hummed with activity as they reopened for service.

students work in the fablab

Students go to work in the reopened FabLab.

Dean Rebecca Bichel was excited to see all of the students back from the long winter break.

“UTA Libraries comes alive when filled with our students’ energy,” Bichel said. “We are proud to be a hub of experiential learning and creativity that nurtures belonging essential to our students’ success.”

Jonathan Thurston, a returning freshman, appreciates how many studying options UTA Libraries offers him.

“My favorite thing about UTA Libraries is how open it is,” Thurston said. “You can choose what style you want to work in…if you want a quiet area or a louder area, you can choose, and that’s what I like about it.”

Thurston says UTA Libraries has also helped him find and build a community on campus.

“UTA Libraries has allowed me to meet more people and…have a social life within my studying life,” Thurston said. “Usually I’m always at work then school…so coming to the Libraries is a nice little break in between classes where you can just hang out with friends.”

An event that Thurston is looking forward to attending again is Tail Waggin’ Days, where students can spend time with certified therapy dogs in Central Library’s sixth floor Atrium.

“It was a big relief,” Thurston said. “I went several times—just meeting new dogs that are really fluffy was really nice and a [breather] from all the studying.”

students mav up on the second floor of central library

Jonathan Thurston (far right) mavs up with friends on the second floor of Central Library during the Spring 2020 Welcome Week.

The Libraries’ Architecture and Fine Arts and Science and Engineering branch locations have also reopened this week. Users can find a complete list of hours, as well as more information about events and services, on the Libraries’ revamped website.

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