We display a variety of physical exhibits throughout the year as well as digital exhibits that are accessible year-round. 

Current Physical Exhibits

Let There Be Light: George L. Gause and the Gause-Ware Funeral Home

From ghost stories to ghost towns, there are more than a few spooky things to be found in UTA Libraries’ Special Collections. This gallery exhibition features selected items from various collections, plus a number of staff picks of haunted imagery.

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Digital Exhibits

Go digital and explore our latest online exhibits. See also our digital collections.

map of Dallas showing locations of deaths

Dallas Death Map Project

The Dallas Death Map Project was created out of a need for a comprehensive resource of deaths that occurred in Dallas. Deaths that occurred in hospitals and care homes are expected and typically well-documented, but deaths that occurred outside of those institutions--in private homes, in hotels…


To athletes racing on track in wheelchairs

Building A Barrier-Free Campus

Both a physical and digital exhibit, “Building a Barrier-Free Campus” explores how UTA began to become a model accessible campus for students with disabilities starting in the mid-1960s—a time when disabled students had no right to attend K-12 schools or college. The exhibit covers:


“Howdy, Mr. President!" A Fort Worth Perspective Of JFK

Howdy, Mr. President! - A Fort Worth Perspective of JFK

UT Arlington Library’s Special Collections exhibit “Howdy, Mr. President!” showcases over 80 intriguing photographs taken by Fort Worth Star-Telegram news photographers. The Star-Telegram JFK collection contains almost 3,000 photo negatives taken during the visit by President…


Reeder Children's Theatre Presents

Reeder Children's Theatre Presents

Drawing on the extensive Dickson and Flora Reeder Papers and Reeder School Records, the journey begins with the origins of Reeder School and explores the selection, production, and performance of the school's plays as well as the students' immersion into the art, history, music, dance and…


Ringside: Memories Of World Class Championship Wrestling

Ringside: Memories Of World Class Championship Wrestling

By day they are factory workers, retail clerks, stay-at-home mothers, and students. But once a week, enveloped in a funk of cigarettes, spilled beer, and french fries, they become a crush of thousands screaming for blood and cheering for Texas and the American Way. It’s Monday night in Fort…


former slaves, Alex and Morn Gentry

Time Frames Online

Since 2003 the materials of Special Collections have been highlighted in a weekly feature, first in the Arlington Star-Telegram and now the Fort Worth addition of the newspaper. Time Frames regularly spotlights a photograph, map, or document drawn from a broad spectrum of subjects in our…