Event Reservation Fees

Room Set-up  4-hour Fee All Day Fee
Basic Room Package includes lectern, wired microphone, and sound system in Parlor or Atrium  $100  $175
Presenter's Package: Basic room package PLUS LCD projector, Dell laptop (or DVD player), computer remote and screen in Parlor or Atrium  $150 $275
Basic Room Package with catering* $150  $275
Presenter's Package with catering*  $200 $375

*A set-up fee is required for a catered event. This fee covers the set-up of the extra tables and the additional cleaning for housekeeping purposes. ($50) 

You can also "check out" the following items for your event. 

Item Fee
Easel  $2 / each 
Flip Chart  $10 / each 
Power Cord  $2 / each 
Whiteboard  $8 / each