3D Scanning

Three-dimensional scanning involves collecting data on the appearance of an object or environment in order to create its replica digitally.

3D Systems 3DSS Sense Scanner

3D Systems Sense Scanner

A handheld, portable scanner for creating 3D models of real world objects. The software is incredibly simple to use and creates accurate models you can either edit with our modeling software, or send directly to the 3D printers.  If you have five…

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NextEngine 3D Scanner

NextEngine 3D Scanner

The NextEngine 3D Scanner is the most precise 3D scanner available at the FabLab. It is capable of creating an extremely high resolution scan of any object about 30 in. x 30 in. x 30 in. or smaller, and can automatically capture a full scan via…

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Structure 3D Scanner

Structure 3D Scanner

This 3D scanner mounts on an iPad and is run by the ItSeez3D app, allowing it to scan large objects or even a full room. It is incredibly simple to use and can create very accurate scans. Just place your object/person within the red box that…

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