Teaching and Learning

We provide both course-integrated and self-directed instruction that creates opportunities for students to develop transferable skills. Using an experiential and active pedagogical approach, our librarians, archivists, and staff teach the following:

Course Integrated Instruction

Faculty and students can request class training sessions to develop particular data literacy skills relevant to their coursework and learning outcomes, including understanding data communication, data ethics, managing and cleaning data, use of data tools (e.g., Tableau, ArcGIS, or Python), and data visualization. For more information or to schedule a session, contact dataCAVE@uta.edu.

Examples of course projects that integrate digital literacy are podcasts, research posters, stop animation, green screen filming, video creation and editing, and game or app development. In all cases, the Libraries will work with you to map these projects to the subject-based learning goals you have for your students. For more information or to schedule a session, contact Milaun Murry.

Information literacy is a set of abilities that allow students to engage in information discovery, the creation and value of information, exploration of how information is used, and how to work within the information ecosystem in an ethical manner. Faculty can request that we provide curricula that addresses finding and evaluating information and/or about intellectual property and copyright. Our data literacy, digital literacy, maker literacy, and open pedagogy instructional programs support learning about how information is created, valued, and used. We are happy to collaborate with you to best meet the learning outcomes for your course. For more information or to schedule a session, contact Gretchen Trkay or your subject librarian.

UTA Libraries’ maker literacy program supports collaboration with faculty to integrate making into curricula and assess student acquisition of maker-based competencies. Librarians will work with you to map maker competencies to your subject-based learning outcomes and develop assignments and assessments. For examples, visit the Maker Literacies website. For more information or to schedule a session, contact makerliteracies@uta.edu.

Self-Directed Workshops

Experiential Learning Pop-Ups

The Experiential Learning & Undergraduate Success department provides a series of experiential pop-up programs focused on students developing transferable skills. Each program has learning outcomes and students are encouraged to reflect on their experiences.

FabLab Workshops

FabLab staff and highly trained student employees are available every hour that the lab is open to provide design consultations, equipment and software instruction, and other guidance and assistance without an appointment. Equipment-specific training is a prerequisite for using the Shop Room equipment.

Level Up Workshops

The Experiential Learning & Undergraduate Success department has developed a series of programs focused on gaming. These programs will have social elements, opportunities for game development, and game critique and analysis.