dataCAVE signThe dataCAVE provides support and services centering on data-driven research, e-science, and digital humanities data analysis. Services include teaching and consultation on working with data, data management, and data visualization; partnering with researchers in use and visualization of data through charts, infographics, and other tools; publishing datasets in Mavs Dataverse and other repositories; and reviewing data management plans.


  • Provide a support mechanism for the growing areas of digital research and scholarship
  • Support collaborative and interdisciplinary research using emerging technologies
  • Provide a pathway and opportunities for students to develop digital literacy through the exploration of data science and digital humanities

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The Big 7: Chesnutt, Hurston, Wright, Ellison, Walker, Baldwin, Bambara and (bonus) Hughes

February 17 2020

#vizoftheweek 5: Quantifying the Circulation History of African American Short-Story Authors

Standard literary histories, which emphasize key dates and moments, sometimes minimize subtle but important developing patterns, which take shape…

detail from Graduation Help Desk visualization

February 10 2020

#vizoftheweek 4: UTA Has a Team That Will Help You Graduate

The Graduation Help Desk provides services to all undergraduate students and can help you overcome barriers to graduating on time, including any…

woman on in a hospital bed, laying in Trendelenburg position (inverted)

February 3 2020

#vizoftheweek 3: What It's Like - Bed Rest

Using one person's story this visual video shows the impact of bed rest on an entire community.

infographic about the costs of breastfeeding

January 27 2020

#vizoftheweek 2: The Costs of Breastfeeding

A common argument for breastfeeding is that it's free, but you cannot get something for nothing. There are hidden costs that reflect hidden…

introducing #VizOfTheWeek

January 21 2020

Welcome to #VizOfTheWeek!

Join us every Monday as we share infographics, interactive dashboards, videos and more...

Available Software

The computers include all the software available through the library plus the following programs:

  • Alteryx
  • SmartDraw Cloud
  • ESRI CityEngine
  • ESRI Business Analyst
  • Erdas IMAGINE
  • SAS
  • Mplus
  • AntConc
  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • ArcGIS Pro (must use your personal account)
  • Git Bash
  • Adobe Brackets
  • Dreamweaver
  • Git
  • Google Earth Professional
  • LaTeX
  • Open Refine
  • Pandas
  • Python
  • QGIS
  • R
  • RStudio
  • SPSS
  • SQLite
  • Anaconda Package Manager
  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Public

Mavs Dataverse

A Dataverse is a container for datasets (research data, code, documentation, and metadata) and other Dataverses, which can be setup for individual researchers, departments, journals, and organizations. Check out our Dataverses below!