You may need to borrow a laptop or tablet, use a public computer, scan and print a document, record a podcast, or just charge one of your devices. Maybe you need access to a 3D printer, laser cutter, sewing and/or embroidery machine, screen press, or a shop room with saws, drills, grinders, sanders, and more. Whatever you're looking for, we've got the technology you need to create, innovate, and get your work done.

Technology to Borrow

We have a variety of technology that you can check out with your Mav Express card, from laptops to Apple Watches to sound recorders and more.

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Technology for Library Use Only

We also have a host of equipment and tools you can use in the Libraries, from the FabLab tech to the sound studio in AFA and more.

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Printing and Scanning

Sometimes, you just need a place to print. We've got you covered there, too. You can print from one of our computers or use Student Mobile Printing to print directly from your laptop. 

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It's not just the outside that counts. The inside matters, too—which is why we've invested in an assortment of software to meet your various needs.

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